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Are you ready for a unique culinary experience?

Let us guide you through a journey of exceptional emotions and flavors, savor our sophisticated selection of select beef from around the world and our exclusive high quality dry aged, prepared with love and passion by the expert hands of our chef. Our list is enriched with fine wines carefully chosen to accompany the food, so as to enhance its flavors and delight the palate.
Affinatore pamper you all-around. Relax in our cigar lounge and be inebriated by the scent of a fine cigar. Arrive carefree, valet parking is available every evening.

Enjoy the pleasure of an exclusive evening in an exceptional location, where modernity and elegance come together to create a unique sensory experience.

From farm to your plate

All our meat comes from selected and qualified farms whose production, at all stages of the supply chain, from feeding to slaughter, is governed by very strict protocols that certify the best international quality.

The animals' diet is exclusively vegetable, predominantly grain-based, without the use of animal protein, hormones or antibiotics. The degree of marbling achieved naturally (BMS - Beef marble score - which can vary from 1 to 12) contributes to making our selections more valuable and unique.

Ours is one of the few Italian restaurants to be authorized by the official Japanese KOBE consortium for the sale and processing of Wagyu Kobe meat, bearing the KOBE mark as a certificate of guarantee of the highest quality, an indispensable condition to ensure the best possible quality even after the aging and seasoning process, through DRY AGED, to which we subject all our meats.



The inebriating taste of our fine selection of spirits, rums and whiskeys, accompanied by the finest Cuban cigars, is ready to envelop you with its entrancing in our exclusive cigar lounge.


Una sala interamente dedicata al gusto inebriante della nostra pregiata selezione di distillati, rum e whiskey accompagnati dai migliori sigari cubani.



Dry aging is a method of aging and curing, considered a true art, that is performed dry, involving a long period of humidity-controlled refrigeration.

The result is an exceptionally tender product with a firm texture, marbled to perfection and with a unique aroma, which makes meat subjected to this type of treatment in high demand.